Since I decided to undertake the career of the photographer I have always been influenced by graphic images that portray glimpses, shadows, details.

And I’ve always wanted to get inside the subjects, to reverse the point of view.
And then there are the spaces, the volumes and the shadows of the buildings, the trees and the harmony created by the relationship between these elements.
Rationalism, symmetry and harmony. These are the keywords that made me gradually approach photography. And last but not least the color.

The purity of an image, its power to fix forever the secret of a shadow, of a unique and unrepeatable situation in a very small fraction of time.

Many images that I have created in recent years are the result of ideas that I wanted to represent: the idea of ​​emptiness for example that I tried to render in my work on Berlin, or of the sea, understood as an element of nature par excellence, with its sublime strength. and its beauty that leaves you breathless.

The ideas from which I draw inspiration are often abstract concepts: the idea of ​​music, poetry, the surreal.
Reality must be interpreted because it often shows us its more superficial side while the intrinsic one remains more veiled and hidden.

Step by step, by training our gaze and starting from our background, we understand this punctum.
Fast, precise and extremely powerful, the lens focuses on the subject and you can finally say: this is the image I had in my head.

And then there is a great satisfaction, an incredible energy emerges and it is as if there was finally that cascade of stars you were waiting for so long.

On the one hand, I like to make poetic and pictorial what is mere reality, on the other I love to capture a situation that will never appear like this again.

Creating beautiful images is the result of careful observation, love, care and great patience.
The decisive moment slips away in a very short second.

We photographers have the ability to align our hearts and our intuitive ability to excite the viewer.
This is my mission.

Sometimes, in the cities I visited, I left some pending shots. You never know, I told myself, sooner or later I’ll be back.
Because the photo with a capital f has not yet been made and this encourages me not to stop.